Becoming A Digital Nomad In The Pandemic

Anything is possible and change is inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that dramatic work transformations are feasible and that there is a vast potential always available. Because of that, some individuals are forced to work from home. At the same time, many individuals are struggling to adjust to this new way of life, while the others gain a foothold in this unfamiliar setting. If you do not know, COVID-19 presented a nomadic lifestyle possible for new people and groups. Some of them now refuse to leave this kind of work setting. 

Digital Nomads.

But first, what do we mean by Digital Nomad? According to the definition form Open Sourced Workplace, Digital nomads are freelancers or professionals who love to travel while working from their computers or iPad. Individuals are not confined to any certain location or workplace and can move about as they want to. Lucky, right? 

Traveling to your favorite tourist spots, relaxing, while being able to continue your career seems like a dream come true.  There are many stereotypical pictures of young people coding at their computers sipping on cocktails, overlooking white sandy beaches. Now, as we mentioned traveling, we all know that the pandemic heavily discourages and makes transportation difficult. How do Digital Nomads thrive during the pandemic? 

What follows are some important questions for you to reflect on before becoming a Digital Nomad in the pandemic. 

Becoming a Digital Nomad in the pandemic? 

  1. Know your destination- Various nations have acted differently to the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several nations have regarded the newly formed situation as a way to attract digital nomads in order to revitalise the economy. Majority of them have various policies and advantages that even provide for up to 12 months stay with a particular visa type.
  1. Know your work – of course, before you opt to adapt the Digital Nomad lifestyle, you should also assess the demands of the work you have. Is it amenable to leave your home, or surroundings for a long time since you wouldn’t need to visit your office once a week? Determine the nature of your work. Can you do your work from anywhere?  If all you need is spotty WiFi connections and loosely fitting clothes, maybe you can. 
  1. Know yourself – Are you the type of person who can work comfortably anywhere aside from your home and office? In addition, are you willing to travel amidst the risk of the COVID-19 virus? Can you self-isolate for periods of time when entering a new country? Can you cope with being away from home and living alone? Much like the Expat lifestyle, being a nomad takes a certain kind of personality to succeed. 

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