List of Free Backup Systems For Business Disaster Plans

If you keep all records on paper, and there is a fire, what happens to all that valuable information? It goes up in smoke.

Now that most businesses have data storage, the same question is still relevant. What would you do if a disaster affects your data storage facility, or your computers in your office, or your filing system? 

The ability to recover important data quickly after a disaster relies on having a solid backup strategy in place. The good news for businesses is that there are plenty of free backup systems accessible online. In this article, we’ll discuss the top free backup systems for business disaster planning.

1. Google Drive – Google Drive offers free 15GB online storage. It is a fantastic backup choice for small to medium-sized enterprises that do not need a big quantity of storage. Businesses can back up data and sync it across various devices using Google Drive, which is simple to use.

2. Dropbox – Dropbox offers organisations up to 2GB of free storage. Dropbox is an excellent option for businesses that need to collaborate on projects since it has advanced features like file versioning and simple sharing.

3. OneDrive – Microsoft’s OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution that gives organisations free space of up to 5 GB. Because of its seamless compatibility with other Microsoft services, it is an ideal option for businesses that already use Microsoft for other purposes.

4. Duplicati Duplicati can back-up data to the cloud or a local storage device for no charge. It works with many different cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. In addition to its simple usage, Duplicati also includes powerful tools like encryption and compression.

5. Box – Box gives organisations 10 GB of free storage. Box has features like automated synchronisation, secure file sharing, and real-time collaboration.

Aside from having back-ups, it is also important that your employees know how to leverage these cloud-based data storage even if they’re working remotely or not. Good communication is a must to ensure you deliver the right message on how the team will work on backing-up business data. Likewise, business owners can utilise Conxhub, a cloud communication platform that mirrors PBX Switchboard features for less. Precautions and safety measures can be divided into organisational measures, technical protective measures and the use of personal equipment. 

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