Protecting Your Devices From Adware

There is so much to protect yourself from online. From pictures that you do not want to see, to viruses and adverts that you want to avoid. Being aware of all the threats is the first thing to consider, and then protecting yourself is next. 

There were 5,520,908 mobile malware, adware, and riskware attacks prevented in Q2 2022, per data from Kaspersky Security Network. Adware made up 25.28% of all threats found to be targeting mobile devices. How frequently do you encounter ads on websites, videos, social media platforms, mobile games, or news sites? The answer is probably more times than you can keep track of! Ads seem to follow us everywhere online but what’s worse; fraudsters also use ads in malware variants.  Viruses can be hidden in adverts, and clicking on them, or trying to get rid of them, can make things worse! 

Adware, short for “advertising-supported software,” refers to the many types of pop-up ads that appear on your desktop or mobile device. Malicious adware may compromise your device’s security by spreading viruses and malware, interfering with your browser, and lowering your tool’s performance.

It is important to your general security to upkeep your device safety features and to manage them cautiously. For general adware prevention, you can consider doing the following: 

1. Always use the most recent version of the installed software. The latest upgrades to your programs, system drivers, OS, and other software often contain security patches. Security flaws are discovered regularly, and fixes are launched to address them. 

2. Review the app’s requested permissions before installing it. If it demands info it doesn’t require, it may be fraudulent. Also, always download from trusted sites. Never download an app, game, or other files from an untrustworthy source. Only trust the official websites of developers and manufacturers like Google Play and the App Store from Apple, etc.

3. Use an ad blocker. Ad-free services are often available and not hard to find. Ad blockers disable browser adverts, avoiding drive-by downloads and harmful clicks. Thus, consider upgrading to a paid, ad-free version of a popular service because paying for the service you use is the simplest approach to prevent adware. 

There are some apps that do not have adverts in them, they might cost a little more, but they add safety and security to your device so they are worth considering. 

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