SME: Thinking outside of the box matters

Staying in your comfort zone might be comfortable and easy. It is not going to help with advancement and developing new ideas. Well established businesses do not become leaders in the industry by adhering to the status quo. If you follow the crowd you might have a product very similar to everyone else, and get lost in the crowd. And if it is a crowded market place, it is easy to get lost. Climbing to the top requires a bit (or a lot) of inventiveness and resourcefulness. It necessitates enterprises thinking beyond the box. 

So, what does the box stand for? Consider the box to be a frame, the conventional approach of thinking about a subject that focuses on containing your thoughts and ideas in a specific manner or product or way of doing things.  It is the NORM. Thinking beyond the box simply implies that you are open to new answers and approaches for achieving your goal. That is, you want to travel from point A to B, but you don’t absolutely need or want to follow the existing and conventional way. Thus having a broader viewpoint might make you more receptive to new ideas, which means you won’t be constrained by a limited view point.

You’ve probably gotten the gist of why small and medium-sized businesses need to think beyond the box. However, since the notion is well-known, why is the practice so unusual in today’s businesses? The issue is that many individuals don’t understand what a box is or what it takes to think outside of it.

Hence the issue is, how can you stay competitive? How do you refocus the spotlight on yourself? 

In today’s social environment, whatever you can do to increase the reach of your new enterprise is beneficial to sales. The fact is that most companies will often face failures that would cause other people to give up at the drop of a hat. But keep in mind that a successful enterprise is typically the result of breaking a major rule that everyone just follows. What others view as impossible, successful company entrepreneurs see as an opportunity. You’ll be more open to a number of various points of view and possible solutions if you’re prepared to consider different points of view and methods of doing things.

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