The Best 5 Employee Engagement Apps

Employee engagement practices evolve significantly when a new generation joins the workforce. Managers and executives who are serious about moving their companies forward need to be abreast of the latest developments in employee engagement. Now more than ever, digitalisation makes it simple to track and enhance employee engagement. It is possible to monitor employee engagement with the use of a wide variety of software, apps, and platforms designed for the purpose.

With more people working from home, there is an increased need for employee engagement and monitoring. With the contrast of home working and office working, there is clear data to show where someone is more productive. The need, and the data help companies to manage and monitor their employee engagement strategies. 

In this article, we’ve listed some of our best 5 employee engagement apps in 2022.

1. EngageWith is a platform for employee recognition and awards that improves your business culture. It electronically delivers acknowledgement and cooperation with teams to score people based on appreciation and motivation. It’s compatible with both Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

2. Bonusly is a remarkable employee application. Members of the staff are granted a certain number of points each month to “gift” to one another; these rewards are public knowledge across the company. Additionally, Bonusly has several additional systems that it interfaces with, like Slack and HR applications. It may also be utilised with digital signage panels to encourage recognition.

3. Kudos is an employee engagement and analytics application. Kudos software allows you to create Kudos templates for workers, clients, and even rewards. You may create Kudos templates that you can share with others in your organisation, enabling you to distribute Kudos to a number of recipients simultaneously.

4. 15Five is a human-centered performance management platform that enhances manager effectiveness, employee engagement, and business success. The platform simplifies employee evaluations and appreciation. Managers are also urged to set team priorities at the outset of every quarter and then monitor performance weekly to keep their reports on track.

5. Officevibe enables employers to automatically send weekly anonymous surveys to workers to collect information on employee engagement levels, areas of dissatisfaction, and ways that management may improve. Additionally, the app provides resources and tools to support manager development and enable real-time decision-making.

Employee engagement offers so many advantages, from developing a strong corporate culture to providing better customer experiences that it’s hard to list them all. With the help of employee engagement apps, employers can proactively raise morale in the workplace and make employees happier in their roles

Moreover, employing such technologies makes it easier to recognise your staff, whether you’re at the office, working remotely, or temporarily working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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