Types of Employee Engagement Apps

For high quality work output, profit, productivity, loyalty, and value, employee engagement is important. Simply said, happy workers are a result of a highly engaged workforce. If you only use email and corporate intranets to communicate with your staff, you’re likely losing a lot of them. If there is minimal engagement, people disengage, that part is natural, when they disengage, they do not learn about the products and services, they do not support customers and they do not care about their work. 

So, to assist you in your communication with your employees, you should use employee engagement applications that are now accessible in the app market. To increase work happiness and retention, employee engagement applications are becoming more popular. These apps are designed to provide employees with a sense of belonging to the organisation’s purpose and culture.

With so many applications and tools available, how do you pick the best employee engagement app for your business? To start, we’ll briefly provide you with a quick overview of a few types of employee engagement applications.

1. Feedback apps – Leveraging feedback applications like 15Five and Culture Amp, comments from employees can be instantly gathered and utilised to address concerns promptly or kept in a timeline that can be referred to afterwards when the business considers if the employee ought to receive a promotion or a raise.

2. Reward and recognition apps – While feedback apps are useful for relaying problems and new ideas to upper management, reward and recognition apps are more appropriate for recognising and rewarding employees for their efforts inside a team. Bonusly and Tap My Back are great employee recognition apps that may make your employees feel appreciated. Remember, valued individuals are happier and more committed to your business and its mission.

3. Communication apps – The best communication app does more than simply provide your team members with a means to communicate. These applications include group and one-on-one chat, voice calling, and video conferencing for organisations. Additionally, they may provide sophisticated file sharing and archiving features that team members can utilise to later locate and retrieve needed information.

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