Time Management for Freelance Newbies

Do you have to start work at a certain time, or do you have to complete a certain number of hours for your job?  These things can easily be managed during your freelance career, but so can just doing the job in any allotted time frame. Which time management technique do you prefer?

Mastering the art of time management is a skill that will benefit you in many aspects of life. If you don’t manage your time well, chaos will follow. Freelancing may be quite difficult, particularly for beginners. Building a business involves many moving parts, such as marketing, networking, client acquisition, service delivery, billing, brand development, social media upkeep, etc. Accordingly, as a freelancer, time management is essential.

If you’re new to freelancing, try these time management suggestions.

1. Establish SMART priorities – When you have a lot to accomplish, it’s important to prioritise your tasks based on the content’s urgency. Try listing all of your ongoing and outstanding tasks in order of priority if focusing is tough for you. When you’re just starting, take on one client at a time and one project at a time. 

2. Begin ASAP – after determining which tasks must be completed first, begin it as soon as possible! Stop procrastinating and go to work already! For starters, try setting your clock 15 minutes earlier than usual, then gradually increase the amount of time that you allow for work. You may utilise this extra time to get in some exercise, do yoga, set priorities, or even engage in a pastime. Managing your time can help you to find extra minutes in the day for more fun things in life. 

3. Stop overworking yourself – It’s important to maintain your mental health by only accepting jobs you can manage. Focusing on one item at a time and enjoying it in depth is better than having to multitask 3 things at once. Additionally, don’t hesitate to decline a project you don’t have time to complete, refuse to do additional work that won’t enhance your skills or portfolio, or bargain for more time or compensation if you really want to accept such. 

We are already in the year 2022, and it’s time to know better how to protect your peace of mind. As a newbie in the Gig Economy, there’s much you’ll have to learn but don’t rush it, okay? We hope these three simple time management tips will help you further your journey as a freelancer.

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