Virtual Classroom Activity Ideas

It is surprising and amazing what can be done online and why we still need classrooms, exam halls, face to face meetings and the things that zoom or teams have replaced over these past years.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new kind of challenge to how businesses operate and by saying that, we can also observe how consumers are adapting to the trends brought about by these changes. For instance, virtual classrooms are now more common than they were before. Also, there’s a growing number of platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Guru, 51Talk, SkillShare and many others; professionals or skilled individuals can offer their expertise virtually and even as freelance jobs!

If you are a teacher in a virtual classroom setup, we understand how challenging it is to keep your student/s engaged in learning. In this article, we hope you find helpful activity ideas that can stir up your curiosity to learn.

Virtual Classroom Activity Ideas:

  1. Virtual Backgrounds – Though not necessarily an activity, still, you can make use of your virtual background as a tool to make your learners excited. Having a fun virtual classroom background may change a kid’s mood which is a great way to keep students engaged and coming back to their online school. Having some fun background might cause children to be more engaged, and enjoy their classroom experience more.
  1. Plan a “virtual talent show”- Have an activity where different pupils perform each day. Any relevant activity would do, such as playing an instrument, demonstrating a skill, discussing an area of special interest, telling jokes, etc. Provide kids with prior notice about sharing opportunities so they can get ready. There are TV Shows that use Zoom, so why not a classroom environment?
  1. Quiz Bowl in Virtual Reality – Virtual Trivia may be played alone or as a group. Gather a set of trivia questions and their solutions first. Then have the students form teams and compete to see who can answer your questions the quickest and most accurately. If you’re looking for a fun approach to assess whether or not your students have recalled course material, Virtual Trivia is a great option. It can cement learning, and can also help students become teachers and set quizzes for their classmates. 

As a teacher, you realise how dramatically the last year changed learning. Even though our future is uncertain, many educators and students already engage in online education. Yet, whatever your teaching style is this year, it is crucial that you and your pupils feel connected, particularly if they are doing any of their schoolwork at home.

Good engagement improves learning and enjoyment of learning. 

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