Translation Tools

There are some tasks online that can be done really quickly, and others take time. There are auto-transcription services and AI has come a long way through advancements in technology. “Time is money,” as the saying goes. Given today’s fiercely competitive business environment, this is more true now than ever before. Taking into account people’s short attention spans and all the information available to people at the click of a button, fast is necessary. Speed is of the essence. 

Time is essential to the success of every business. Time is of the essence when it comes to translation and communication, as it is for businesses looking to have their content translated into foreign languages. It’s not uncommon for translation tasks to be tedious and time-consuming, taking longer than other work. Translations have to take into account culture, and meanings attributed to content that people of different countries might understand.

In order to complete a successful translation, you will need sophisticated technology, regardless of the scope and size of the project. What are the essentials? It all rests on the needs of the project when it comes to which tools are used and which ones are omitted altogether. 

Here, we’ll go over the translation and localisation technology tools that are absolutely essential.

1: MemoQ – In addition to being a powerful CAT tool, MemoQ has a number of advanced options. MemoQ is the best tool for translators who need to translate a large amount of text rather than just a few sentences. A translator’s time is saved by automatic spell-checks and suggestions during the translation of long paragraphs. Additional features include the ability to import and export terms from any glossary, which will aid in the translation of subsequent tasks.

2:WPML – WordPress has become extremely relevant to the translation industry, as many translators today are aware of this. There are many benefits to using the WPML plugin if you are a translator who works on WordPress sites on a regular basis. For example, the plugin’s dashboard features let you quickly review the translation task you are currently working on.

3. ProZ – You should use ProZ if you want to interact with others and get help from the community. A portal for translators who want to collaborate on translations, terminology, dictionaries, and training as well as to get access to discounts on translation tools is provided by ProZ.

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