What Is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a new tech that allows for the creation of a virtual environment on a remote server. Such virtual desktops are offered to host on Virtual Machines (VM), which are managed using management software. The VDI can be installed in your office or on an outside cloud service by a managed service provider. Hence, VDI saves you money by making it simple for numerous users to easily share a computer system. This does not imply that you should purchase a single windows version for anyone to use. Instead, it means that you can create a template that can be used on all PCs. All you must do is keep track of one version. This shows that no matter how badly your employees, contractors, or specialists screw things up, you can rapidly get them back on the rails.

How do you make use of a virtual desktop? 

A virtual desktop is being used in a variety of ways, but the most common is to unify a workforce into one consistent, cohesive unit, allowing IT managers to waste less time keeping everything within line and more time on what matters: allowing the economy to thrive. Second, you could also use a virtual desktop infrastructure to free your employees from their desks. They can move freely between rooms, offices, and even countries while still having access to their critical work files. VDI is an excellent solution for businesses that have employees who are constantly on the move. 

It is a safer way of monitoring staff, and ensuring that staff are all working as they should, on what they need to be working on. We can monitor the files that are being downloaded, the websites being visited and the time spent working, and obviously not working too. 

Lastly, this allows your employees to work from home, you can eliminate one of your company’s largest expenses: the office. Indeed, remote working has been shown to increase employee productivity. Think about how much more motivated they will be once you’ve passed the savings on to them.

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