What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & How Do Businesses Use It?

A pre-recorded voice may communicate with people through a combination of voice and keypad Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones, and this technology is known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You’ll hear a computer-generated voice on the phone when you call. To achieve the required outcome of your call, simply type in the number that you need to process in order to get to the correct team on your device’s keyboard. Voice recognition and/or DTMF signaling are the bedrocks of IVR technology. There is no need for a human operator when customers use DTMF to select a menu option. A response can be given immediately instead of typing it on the phone’s device using voice recognition technology. People are normally provided a question, and then a restricted number of responses to choose from, before they start to speak. 

Unlike other tech solutions, IVR systems are unique. Price ranges for these items are vast. Telephone systems installed on-site (and not in the cloud) are the most expensive type of IVR. There have been costs associated with installing an in-house system, such as phone and server rental fees, ongoing maintenance fees, and software fees. Yet, there are also cloud services which are a budget-friendly option typically offering IVR at a monthly subscription fee.

Businesses and call centres commonly use IVRs to handle phone calls based on the options the caller selects. It can decide if the caller intends to reach the billing office, the tech support team, or just wants to speak to a human operator by inputting such options. 

It can also be used to deliver promotional materials, news, or instructions of any sort. Informing callers that their calls would be recorded and then asking them whether they still want to proceed is one example. Businesses employ IVR processes because it cuts the number of people needed to staff phone lines and speeds up hold times. It is also possible to improve customer service with modern IVR systems. 

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