What to Do When A Client Ghosts You?

There are many words entering the English vocabulary with different meanings these days. It is hard to keep up! Ghosting pertains to suddenly ending contact or communication with someone without notice or explanations. Even if the ghosted party makes attempts to reconnect or get answers, they are ignored. Thus, the term “ghosting” was coined, and it is no longer limited just to romantic engagements or social connections. The chances are high that you will experience the same thing if you have run a business for more than a few months.  Customers, clients, debtors or even employees might “ghost” you. 

When a client suddenly ghosts, how should a freelancer react?  The response is dependent on when the client vanishes throughout the process. In any case, there’s a few actions you may be able to follow to alleviate the difficulties associated with Ghosting.

First, don’t freak out: It’s normal to feel anxious when a crucial client takes too long to get back to you. This is particularly true for clients that provide for a significant portion of your cash flow. So, start doing things you have to do to keep terror at bay: breathe deeply, meditate, work out, or simply crack on with your job and know that when you do a good job, your bosses will be happy, and you will be proud of your work. 

Second, check in to see if everything is alright and see whether your first impression of the connection was off. Continue to politely check in with them if they continue to “ghost” you. If they’re struggling, they’ll notice you’re present. Politely tell them of the matter and advise a quick conversation. While following up, try not to assume anything. There are a lot of reasons why a client quits communication with you. Many of these are completely unrelated to you.

If you’ve written multiple follow-up emails (and/or called) and haven’t heard back, you may want to bring in a lawyer, depending on the gravity of the business agreement. If there’s no agreed ties yet, remember that all prospects would respond to you, either favourably or negatively, and provide feedback. In the end, you just had to put in a lot of effort to receive their response and feedback.

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