Drawbacks of Being an Event Planner

Being an event planner can be a dream job of many. The hours, the parties, the socialising and the free drinks and food are all enticing to some people. However, there are other considerations that must be taken into account before venturing into this busy sector.

Work occurs frequently on weekends and evenings, frequently not like in regular office hours; there is a significant amount of activity during holiday seasons that those who are working in the events industry just don’t get the leisure of taking a break. If you are opting to quit your nine to five job and start your event planning business, then here are some drawbacks you need to be prepared for before venturing into the industry.

The day needs to be perfect. If it is a wedding, a birthday or a business event, the organisers are judged on the success of the event and are remembered for it.  If it goes well, it can lead to business growth and future events for the people paying the bills, if it goes badly, it not only affects the event organisers reputation, but also that of everyone in attendance. 

  1. Stressful event demands – There is a lot of pressure for everything to go as planned, within the allotted time frame, and without exceeding the allotted budget if you are an event planner. That level of pressure is beyond the capabilities of most people and if you believe you have the ability to manage your stress then you will be alright.  
  1. Frequent travel – Being an event planner will require you to work outdoors for most of the time. Meeting clients, checking with suppliers, organising the event venue and many other things will involve you being on the outside. Thus, this may hinder you from having extra time to spend time with our loved ones at home. This might be a plus if you like exploring new places, but a pain if you are not such a person.
  1.  Physically and mentally tiring – Event planning means working long hours and often on your feet the whole time. You are constantly running around doing physical things like fetching, lifting, and carrying things. If you’re lucky, you also have to eat your meals while you’re on the move or if you are less lucky, you just forget to take meals with your mind being too focused on ensuring the program of the event is on the right track.

Organising an event may be nerve-wracking and an overwhelming job. However, remembering each of these popular challenges is essential to the growth of your event. Remember, a good event planner expects the unexpected and makes plans accordingly.

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