Calling to the UK from the US

Whatever your situation, whether you’re an American on vacation or a British citizen wanting to enter the United States, you need to know your telecoms options and the phone company procedures before making your move.  Phone calls can be expensive internationally, roaming charges can add extra pounds to the call, even before the call starts.  You may call a UK phone number from anywhere in the United States and get through. Generally, connection and mobile coverage is very good across the USA. Using a mobile phone (cell phone in American) can be expensive, with additional charges imposed in certain states, going from country to country or provider to provider. 

Before we begin, here are a few things to bear in mind: Depending on the kind of phone number you’re contacting, you’ll need to use different protocols.

How? Only the appropriate codes and dialing sequence are necessary. If you need to contact someone in the UK, you may simply reach them by phone from the US.

To reach someone in the UK, dial the Dial Exit Code (011), then the country code, which will connect you to any UK phone number. To reach someone in the United Kingdom, dial “44,” followed by the person’s area code and then their land line number.  If you are calling a mobile phone number in the UK, you still need the +44 prefix and then into the mobile number but missing out the initial zero digit. 

If you’re dialing London, they have the area codes 0207 or 0208 or 0113 for Leeds, 0161 for Manchester, and 01452 for Gloucester. When making a phone call to the United Kingdom, keep in mind the expenses involved with international calls. 

There are always options for free phone calls, for example you may use the Skype App. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and the majority of other computer devices can all dial from Skype or other such VoIP Services. The fact that it is free and will save you money makes it worthwhile.

If you are a businessman, you know that business phone service must fulfill adequate requirements if your company relies heavily on international phone calls; the health of your business depends on it. If you intend to make a lot of calls to the United Kingdom, the cost might quickly add up. So it is really important that you choose which option is best for you. 

If you get a UK Number on your mobile phone it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you are still calling local number rates and it appears as if you are in the UK when the other person sees your number.  This can be important and a safe way for others to remain in contact with you. 

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