Common Event Planner Problems

As a result of the widespread company closures and employee layoffs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market in the events industry has undergone a dramatic shift. From seasoned professionals to newbies, event planners are stepping out into the gig economy as independent contractors to build portfolio careers through contracted work, consultancy, and temporary projects that require their knowledge and skills.

Now we are through the worst of it, there are more opportunities for freelance event planners in the industry. Could this benefit you? 

If you are interested in taking part in this industry, there are some common event planner problems that you must know just so you’re prepared. 

  • Overspending – Every party organiser has probably run into this issue at some point. Most event planners today follow the plan and spend as you go, which usually leads to either overspending or underspending. Or they don’t realise their problem until it’s too late. As a solution, you must plan your budget ahead to avoid this.
  • Overcrowded or not enough attendees – A large crowd is good for your company, but managing it can be difficult, especially if you weren’t expecting so many guests. There is the possibility that you will run out of food, or that the area will get too packed. Yet, it is also a problem if your event doesn’t have the target attendees too. To prevent this, put your marketing in check and monitor how many will attend to ramp up your planning.
  • Lack of relevant professional experience – Let’s face it, there are going to be situations in which you won’t know what to do. To be ready, have a go-to resource for event planning news, trends, and information that you can easily check through for guidance when necessary. You should also spend your downtime among events obtaining or updating your event planning certifications in order to be as ready as possible when the next project starts.

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