Conflicts: Freelancers vs Full-Time Team

If there is one thing that full time staff and freelancers have in common it is conflict. Conflict with their team members, with the project, with the employer with the concept, or just in general. Conflict can tear us apart, but is something that people also have in common. 

Well, there are a lot of things too but for this article let us focus on the conflict because why would we avoid it? It is not like it could not happen if you employ a freelancer rather than a full-time team, right? By definition, a conflict is a dispute or opposition. When two individuals or organisations are in conflict, they have had a significant difference of opinion and have not yet negotiated a resolution. 

If you are caught in a situation whether you are in disagreement with your contracted freelancer or full-time staff, there are still differences in how you will approach the situation to make a resolution and it depends as conflicts arise in various contexts. As for full-time staff, it is known to foster a sense of loyalty to the company yet possessing a team filled with top performers who are driven to advance is not such a terrible thing. Freelance workers are generally top performers who can work quickly and efficiently towards a goal. It may, though, foster envy and a perpetual feeling of competition—and that is not necessarily helpful or healthy. Unlike for freelancers where the competition among other employees in your organisation is unnecessary since they do not intend to stay with the company for a long time other than for the time it takes to complete the project contract they signed.

Yet one thing is clear, interpersonal conflict is by far the most detrimental kind of organisational conflict. Things irrelevant to work could be the root issue. While other variables such as political views, interests, or social events may also play a part, personality conflicts are commonly to blame. Whether working with freelancers or full-time staff, you should carefully assess the person you are engaging and dealing with to share the details of your business’ privacy, strategy, and purpose because it will be difficult to have people in your team who oppose you a lot. 

If there is a hostile environment, or high pressure work, a full time member of staff has to stick it out, or resign. A freelancer can simply walk away. 

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