When to hire a freelancer or a full-time staff?

Employees are a valuable asset to any business as, without them, there will simply be no operations and that will leave no room for growth nor success. And while we are at it, have you ever deeply thought of which kind of employee your business should employ? We have the typical full-time staff who works on an eight hours a day basis, and we have the part-timers option who can work for a few hours to fill in absences per se but what about freelancers for your team? In this article, let us discuss when you should hire a freelancer and a full-time staff. 

Unless your sales and financial accounts are driving up and you find your company’s business pressure expanding dramatically, it’s clearly time to hire someone full-time. Budget is the first thing you should consider as there are many employer liabilities it will possess once you start hiring full-time staff. Unlike freelancers, they come and go depending on the terms and conditions of your project’s contract based on your given period of time. However, let us keep in mind that even if paying a higher hourly or daily rate to a freelancer, it still does not obligate you to provide health benefits or pay pension and healthcare taxes. If your freelancer works from home, you can also save money on office space and other resources like computers, printing machines, communications plans, and other office kinds of stuff. 

It is likely that your business is one of several that could benefit from the attention of a freelancer. If you offer full-time employees a competitive wage, they will dedicate their whole professional focus to your organisation. It is vital to analyse and assess your options and decide when each expertise makes the best economic sense.

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