Email Etiquette For Following Up An Interview

A follow-up email after an interview comes under the category of unwritten social norms, even though most recruiters would never directly instruct their candidates on the importance of doing so. Of course, it is the hiring manager’s preference who they get to hire, and there’s not much one can do about it anyhow, right? As a result, the question, “Should I follow up after an interview?” will inevitably arise.

To avoid being a nuisance to the hiring manager, here are some tips on how to strike the correct balance between being persistent but not obnoxious.

Email etiquette for following up an interview: 

  1. A simple email of gratitude to the interviewer is an excellent approach to keep in contact with them and keep your name fresh in their thoughts. Every interviewer should be thanked in a personal letter or email. It will indicate that you are detail-oriented and realise the need of keeping in touch with all of the relevant stakeholders.
  1.  Before leaving a job interview, one of your top priorities should be to gently inquire about the timetable for making a hiring decision from the interviewer. Using this method will help you to keep your follow-up attempts from sounding too eager or irritating.
  1. If a company temporarily halts the hiring process because of financial worries or internal restructuring, candidates may be more likely to just walk away from the process. If you haven’t heard back from your contact within a few days, you may want to send one more message — something simple, like “Just checking in here – is there anything I can assist you with?” — to see if there is something I can provide for the organisation”.

Remember, your tenacity and enthusiasm might help you get the dream job if you stay courteous and adhere to recognised practices regarding when to follow up after an interview.

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