Gig Economy in the Philippines During the New Normal

The Philippines’ gig economy had already been growing at over 200% before the pandemic hit. According to a study by JobStreet, there are more than 1.5 million people in the Philippines who work remotely. As a result of the Filipino workforce’s impressive English language proficiency, proper training, and accessible payment scheme, a growing list of global firms are opting for Filipino gig workers. In addition, this effect is likely to progress and continue to expand in the near future.

Information, communication, and technology (ICT) breakthroughs lead to a new type of globalization that reshapes the way people work and live. Likewise, the conventional way of getting a degree and thereafter securing employment has been altered. The experience of working remotely during the pandemic has been so beneficial that some workers are inclined to keep doing so when the COVID-19 threat has subsided or at least a hybrid work set-up is implemented. 

So, how will the Philippines’ gig economy do in the new normal? A report on the status of the national gig economy was issued on Friday, August 26 by mobile wallet app GCash and financial services business Payoneer, and it was noted in the Manila Bulletin that 1.5 million Filipinos are presently registered in global online platforms for freelance activities.

As the Philippines moves to a digital economy, legislators have recently called for the fast implementation of a resolution to protect the rights of freelance employees, whose numbers are likely to increase enormously. Davao City First District Rep. Paolo Duterte and Benguet Rep. Eric Yap introduced House Bill 3738, which would require written contracts when hiring freelancers and provide them with night differential and hazard pay when necessary. With the state encouraging entrepreneurship and digital innovation, freelancers in the Philippines are being pushed to seek employment over online markets and applications in the new normal knowing that freelancers are recognized by the government.  An exciting growth economy! 

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