Hiring a freelancer is faster than hiring full time

In today’s fast-paced world, speed can be the difference between success and failure. Being the first to make an offer can be the difference between winning the candidate and someone else hiring them.  Completing the project first, ahead of competition can mean that you are first to market.  And there are huge advantages to being first to market. 

For many employers and a lot of global companies, freelancers are cost effective, time saving and more productive employees. The Freelance community is growing quickly, and in a very positive way.  Likewise, a lot of people are considering being a freelancer because of the flexibility and competency it provides in their professional growth. 

According to Standout CV, 7.25 million people are likely to work in the gig economy in 2022, these people come of all ages and the majority is led by millennials. In a UK poll, 18% of HR directors believe freelancers would make up at least 75% of their staff in five years. However, if you are one of the people who are hesitant about hiring a freelancer then you should take this opportunity to learn more about it and maybe next time hire one.  Why? The thing about hiring a freelancer is it is faster than hiring a full-time employee. Don’t believe it? Read on and see for yourself. 

Hiring a Freelancer vs Full-time

  1. Hiring a freelancer mostly means that you can have access to a pool of individuals who are already equipped with the qualifications you need for a task vs hiring a full-time employee that would sometimes require months of onboard training. 
  1. A freelancer does not have to work any set of hours, hence they can assist your business needs even on weekends depending on their task. This leaves you just enough manpower. 
  1. If you are aiming to be present glocally or locally in a global market, hiring a freelancer in an area you want can help your business appear local to your target stakeholders. Moreover, with the rapid growth of freelancers across the globe, access to hiring a top freelancer is possible within days.
  1. Freelancers require a detailed project brief, rather than months of training and meeting the team for inductions and on-boarding.
  1. Full time staff often have months of resignation time, followed by a couple of weeks of holiday to use up before they can start work with your company.  A freelancer could be hired on Monday and start being productive on Tuesday. 

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