How Often Should Landlords Redecorate

Landlords often only decorate between tenants, and with a new tenant contract being 12 months, it means that they can decorate once a year. But what happens if a tenant wants to stay in the property for more than a year?  Or if a new tenant wants to move so quickly there is no time for decoration? This cycle could continue and soon it has been 10 years since the property has been decorated and now no-one wants to live there because it is so old fashioned, dirty and outdated. 

Landlords must occasionally refurbish and decorate their rental property, this covers anything from repainting to altering the furnishings. There is no set timetable for redecorating a rental property. But, most landlords like to redecorate after five years, often at the end of longtime leases. Redecorating your house might boost its rental value. It is clear that property owners have to ensure the area they lease out is in fine condition and that tenants have to take care of the place and hand it back in the same state they got it. 

How frequently should a landlord replace the carpets?

No regulation states when a landlord should replace a carpet. In certain localities, landlords have to abide by certain rules, but not everywhere. If a carpet has a lot of wear and tear, landlords are usually forced to change it, especially before a new tenant moves in. No-one wants to live in a place with a threadbear carpet.  Or with a carpet that has fleas and is dirty. You may be allowed to charge the renter for a thorough clean, restoration, or replacement if the carpet was seriously damaged or discoloured towards the end of a rental. Yet, keep in mind that they cannot be charged for normal wear and tear.  

Tenants with dogs create smells in the carpet. Dogs like to pee to claim their space, and if they have discoloured or stained, or made the carpet smell of dog, it needs a change, and it could be charged to the tenant and taken from the deposit.

How frequently should a landlord paint?

Landlords are not legally required to repaint the walls on a regular basis. At the very least once every five to seven years, you should give each of your rooms a new painting. This will not only invite new renters, it could increase the rental value, because it is clean, tidy and nicely kept. If you know who your incoming tenants are, you could paint to match, or ask them what colour they like! 

How frequently should a landlord renovate the kitchen?

Kitchens in rental buildings endure 10 years before being remodelled related to tenant turnover. However, there is no legal duty for landlords to replace their kitchens over a certain time frame. But since the kitchen is one of the areas that are likely to “market” a property, the landlord may normally want to keep it up to par.

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