The Value Of End Of Lease Cleaning

Before, during and after leasing, the apartment or house needs to be spotless.  If it is a small space, even more so. Who wants to live in a dirty place anyway? Some landlords add into the contract that they will send cleaners round once a month, or once during the lease, to give the place a good deep clean.

If the property is not clean, tenants will think twice about moving in. If a landlord does not care about the property, they will not care about their tenants and it will be a bad experience for everyone concerned. There are basic health and safety rules and regulations that need to be agreed to and adhered to. If these basics are not adhered to, the place will be dirty, rent will be late, and problems will continue to arise. 

Similarly, for renters, your landlord expects you to not only maintain the property throughout the lease time but also leave it in the excellent state you got it in.

In today’s market, landlords include a clause in their rental contracts that require tenants to provide a security deposit. A security deposit is a safety for the landlord in the event of any damage to his or her property throughout the course of a lease. 

The most common cause of disagreement between landlords and renters is housekeeping. A renter must leave the property in the same condition as when they initially moved in— in other words, orderly, sanitary, and damage-free or the deposit will be revoked, as per the end of the lease arrangement.

An end-of-lease cleaning could provide several advantages:

1. Potential renters compare all the houses in their price range in the location they wish to reside. Cleaning standards at your property may not be up to the same standards as those at nearby residences, and they may decide to go elsewhere.

2. Thoroughly cleaning the unit would contribute to its upkeep and guarantee that the area is in the finest possible condition.

3. As a landlord, end-of-lease cleaning helps you save time. When the renters go then you have to prepare the property for tenancies, particularly if you manage many properties, sorting out the housekeeping may actually put other elements of your life on hold. Employing expert home cleaning services towards the end of your lease might free up your time to do other things.

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