How To Overcome Freelance Insecurities

Imposter syndrome started to be studied in 1978 and focuses on people who feel inadequate in their job, or feel like a fraud because they are doing a job that they can’t do, or do not feel worthy to do. If they are struggling in their work, they lack the skills and experience for it, they feel like an imposter in that position. 

We’ve all felt like impostors at some time in our careers, and that’s a major source of insecurity for those of us who work freelance. However, if your body is routinely freaking out about something you recognise to be exaggerated and untrue, it’s time to retrain your body’s response to your insecurities.

How you can slowly overcome freelance insecurities:

  1. Constantly chase growth – Foster a growth mindset in yourself. Some self-employed people may believe that their level of skill is constant. Also, they may think improvement is impossible and that they should not have to work hard to achieve their goals. Such freelancers having this mindset are doomed to failure because they have closed minds. In overcoming insecurities, you need to train your mind on how to think like a winner.
  1. Connect with the freelance community – Once you start having a growth mindset, you can now begin to positively interact with people in the freelance industry. Overcoming insecurity also entails being open and okay with the reality that there’s still much to learn and you are willing to be taught those things. Try making some new friends. But not simply anyone to hang out with—be deliberate. Seek role models who will both guide and test you.
  1. Set attainable goals – Create a plan for achieving your goals by breaking them down into smaller, more doable goals and the measures you’ll take to accomplish each one. Since activities are simple to do, you will make significant progress. Having both long-term direction and immediate inspiration, goal-setting is vital. It helps you focus your learning and better manage your time and resources so that you can enjoy your work to the fullest.

Dealing with insecurity has always been one of the most difficult aspects an individual will face. Yet, it’s also not time to throw in the towel as a freelancer just because you’re having confidence difficulties. By following the few tips in this article, we hope this will help you overcome the freelance insecurities you are going through.

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