Topic Niche for Freelance Writers

Writing can be cathartic, it can be relaxing, and it can also be a job. When people work in a busy job, they sometimes need a creative release after work, and writing, just like proofreading, can be a nice relaxing sideline. 

If you want to work as a freelance writer, you’ll need to be eloquent with words and grammar. But there are other things to worry about too, like how to find a topic that will get the reader’s attention and land an offer. Writing for a living while freelancing professionally and not for a group or institution is known as freelance work. For any writing demanded by clients, freelance writers compose it while working from home. They find a productive, creative space and let their words fall onto the screen. 

As a new freelancer, you may wonder what type of articles you can write to break into the industry. There are many options available, and writing articles is a great way to get started. Magazines, trade publications, and websites all need content from freelancers on a regular basis. However, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different article writing options. Here are topic niches you can familiarise yourself with to help you begin your writing journey.

Topic Niche for Freelance Writers

  • How-to Articles – A how-to article offers step-by-step directions to assist your reader in finishing a task, making it one of the most flexible sorts of articles you may write. How-tos are periodic and systematic. One can write one on almost any subject that explains how to perform specific tasks.
  • Product Review – It can be interesting to write about new products and technologies for a blog or article. An excellent method to draw in readers is by writing stories that review the latest video games or answer commonly asked questions regarding the hottest trends. It’s also a chance to dabble in content marketing and perhaps tie in a giveaway of some sort.
  • Feature Articles – A feature article is a nonfiction piece of writing concerning current events. Soft news is a form of a feature story. Its two main subtypes are news features and human-interest stories. This topic provides the reader with a turning point, a revelation, or a takeaway.

There are many different types of articles to write, but the more that you know about the topic, or the more interested you are in it, the easier it is to write about it. Typical articles are around 500 words long, so finding enough to write about can be a challenge, unless you are passionate, or interested in, or knowledgeable about the subject matter. 

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