How to set up parental controls and monitor kids’ phone use

Everyone from the age of 4 and above has at least one mobile phone these days. People are glued to their phones everywhere they go, and you never really know what people are doing or who they are chatting to online. Parents must make sure their kids are using their gadgets properly and securely in the digital world we live in when kids have easy access to mobile phones and the internet. Setting up parental controls and monitoring your children’s phone use is one approach to this. Here’s a basic guide to getting started:

How to set up parental controls and monitor kids’ phone use?

  • Explore your child’s phone and the applications they use: Before you begin putting up parental restrictions. This will assist you in identifying potential hazards and determining which features you should activate.
  • Enable device restrictions: Several smartphones include parental control tools that allow you to configure device restrictions. For instance, you may restrict access to particular apps, set a time cap for screen time, and prevent the use of particular functions such as a camera or microphone.
  • Install parental control software: You can keep a closer eye on your child’s smartphone use by installing one of the many third-party parental control apps that are available. You may use such applications to track your child’s whereabouts, monitor their online usage, and even filter inappropriate content. Moreover, there are software products that let you privatise your personal data like phone numbers.
  • Have a conversation with your child: Communicate on how monitoring your child’s phone use and putting in place parental restrictions are vital, but not sufficient. You must have honest and direct communication with your child about online safety and responsible phone use. This will help you, in the long run, to guide kids as they grow about cybersecurity.

In conclusion, putting in place parental controls and keeping an eye on your children’s phone use are good ways to make sure they’re handling their gadgets sensibly. You can give your child confidence and peace of mind as they navigate the digital world by using the advice given above.

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