Secure Messaging Apps For Kids

Kids everywhere have a Facebook, TikTok and YouTube account. Families are providing YouTube with content showing their everyday life to the world. People living in Africa, or the rain forests are on Social Media showing how easy it is to build a house made of mud. Survival experts share their wilderness experiences on social media giving instructions on how to survive the cold. Social media is now accessible regardless of age or location.

The risks of children being exposed to inappropriate content mean that adults or parents must check if messaging applications are secure for communication. 

In today’s world, kids may stay in contact with loved ones no matter where they may be by downloading one of the many available messaging applications. Most of these applications include free text messaging, voice to video chatting, picture and file sharing, GIFs, and fun photo editing. However, not all available ones are child-friendly. But did you know that there are messaging apps actually designed for children’s use? 

Here are three secure messaging apps you may download on your kid’s phone to keep connected while allowing them some freedom:

  • Facebook’s Messenger Kids is a child-friendly version of the company’s flagship messaging app. To name just a few of the many beautiful features: There are no in-app purchases or advertisements, and parents must approve each contact and can remove anyone at any time. Parents can also use a “sleep mode” to limit the app’s use during certain hours. 
  • GeckoLife prioritises children’s security and privacy as one of its main features. Parents may set up accounts to get notifications of their children’s activity and approve posts and followers. Though GeckoLife was not created for educational purposes, parents may use it to demonstrate good social-networking manners and help youngsters learn smart ones in a secure atmosphere. 
  • JusTalk Kids is another lovely video calling and messaging app on our list. It’s a kid-friendly app for keeping in touch with loved ones from a tablet or smartphone. Its end-to-end encryption protects children’s and parents’ personal data, including calling and texting. Minors are protected from unwanted contact by being unable to accept friend requests or communicate with or be contacted by strangers.

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