Strategies For Finding Leads

Everyone has skills and everyone needs a bit more money. So more and more people are turning to freelancing as a second income, or a career choice. The competition is steep, with a lot of people competing for limited jobs, however, with the right strategies, you can succeed in the ocean of opportunity. 

Most freelancers find it tough to gain clients on internet platforms because the volume of freelancers has grown exponentially over the years. 

If you want to make it as a freelancer for the long haul, you need to find reliable, long-term strategies to bring in clients. The secret, though, is to pull in quality leads rather than merely ordinary leads. Prospective clients that show serious interest in your business have a higher likelihood of becoming actual clients. This article will discuss some of the smart strategies for finding quality leads.

1. Leverage LinkedIn 

Professional connections can be made through the social media site LinkedIn. Build up an account that draws attention to your portfolio and skills, and use it as part of your strategy for generating freelance leads; this refers to selecting a headshot that presents you in a dignified way. You can also start updating your LinkedIn profile and join organisations related to your industry.  Follow hashtags, find influencers and add them, tag people, hashtags and companies in to your posts to boost position and get more eyeballs on you. There are several Linked In coaches to follow and get useful advice from too. 

2. Address Inquiries 

Engage with your target clients digitally on social media groups, and other social networking sites where your target clients hang out. There, you should provide as much useful advice as you can on a subject of your expertise. This will establish your credibility as a subject matter expert. And with time, you’ll come to be the one they always ask for help. 

3. Client Recommendations 

Referrals from happy customers are just what it means. Hence, it is when people who have already dealt with you give you good feedback from another business that needs someone like you. 

Remember, there are lots of strategies to generate leads and land a project but it is mostly up to you, as a freelancer, if you are up for promoting your business to find target clients.

Network face to face and online, putting yourself in the shop window means that people  are more likely to buy! 

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