Student Houses Around The UK

Getting into University is the first time that a  lot of UK teenagers have the opportunity to move away from home. Living alone, in a new city can be an exciting time. Getting into university early means that there is a place in the Halls available. Getting into University through clearing, or through late admissions, often means that you have to find a house to rent.  Renting student accommodation often means living in a cheap house, with multiple people, all living together and learning new life skills in a student house.

If you are an overseas student, and you have not secured a place in the halls of the university, it also means that you must find a house to share. Finding suitable housing is sometimes the most difficult aspect of relocating overseas. If you want to acquire the best mix of location, price, and fantastic flatmates, you should start looking as soon as possible. However, with all of the formalities involved in applying to universities and purchasing airline tickets, lodging may sometimes fall to the bottom of your priority list.

Don’t worry, even if you start searching for student housing at the last minute, there are still plenty of possibilities available and one of which is online options for finding student housing. The key benefits are that searches are considerably faster than visiting 10-15 renting agencies, and you can theoretically search from houses all around the city to discover precisely what you’re looking for. In practice, however, internet options are still fairly restricted, with just a few student estate agents for each location.Housing Anywhere is a really useful site. The platform, which claims to be maintained by students, is free and lets you explore from roughly 1000 properties in London, Oxford, Coventry, and Leamington. Furthermore, SpareRoom is also recommended to start your search. There, you can find everything you want to find a new home. To begin your pursuit, just state exactly what sort of place you want to live in. Is it an apartment or a mansion? Is it one room, two rooms, or a whole apartment?

There were over 1.9 million full-time and part time students in the United Kingdom (UK) for the 2019/2020 academic year, with almost 361,000 living in provider-maintained residences and over 175,000 in private-sector halls. The majority of students, 569,000, lived in other leased housing. Halls of residence (on-campus or off-campus student halls) or private housing are the two primary alternatives for students in the UK looking for a home away from home. Your options will be heavily influenced by whether your institution or university provides resident halls, the city in which you live, and the size of your monthly budget.

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