Tips For SMEs To Manage Social Media Presence in a Disaster

When disaster strikes the first place people go to is their social media accounts to check in with what is going on and see if there are videos of the disaster. There could be news and insights into what is happening and Social media travels faster than the standard news channels and TV.

In today’s digital world, social media is a vital component of any business plan and any disaster plan. It makes it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to interact with clients and advertise their products and services. Disasters, on the other hand, may strike at any time, and SMEs must be prepared to manage their social media presence during these difficult times. Here are some tips for managing SMEs’ social media presence in the event of a disaster.

  • Keep yourself informed of what’s going on – Keep watching social media, news sources, and government websites for any updates or changes to the situation. This will allow you to make more educated judgments regarding your social media strategy.
  • Keep your audience up to date Post frequent updates on your social media accounts to keep your audience abreast of what’s happening, how it impacts your business, and the actions you’re doing to resolve the matter. This will support reassuring your clients and preserving their confidence in your business.
  • Express empathy – Your clients can be having a tough time during a disaster. In your social media postings, be kind and compassionate, and if you can, provide support and aid. By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with your clients better and show them that you care about their well-being.
  • Stay Connected With Your Team – After a tragedy, it’s likely that you won’t see your team in person soon. Thus, you need a secure, efficient, and safe way to communicate and use tools. SMEs may maintain their communications during a crisis with the use of a solution like Conxhub, which offers a virtual phone number that can be used to route calls and texts to team members’ mobile phones, making sure that crucial conversations and messages are never missed.

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