Tips To Manage Your Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the trace of data that you leave behind when you go online and use smartphone apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This includes but is not limited to commenting on news stories, sharing social media posts, and making online transactions. This data is used by many businesses, companies, clients, and peers to gain a sense of who you are.

Passive and active footprints are both kinds of footprints. Whenever you visit different websites, your IP address is recorded as the location of your passive footprint. By using information, you can identify your internet service provider and your general location. The active footprint is one in which you actively contribute to the discussion. 

Tips to manage your active digital footprint:

First, reflect before you post. One of the easiest ways to maintain your sense of safely online and help control your digital footprint is to think before you post. Don’t ever upload anything you wouldn’t want out there forever, whether it’s private information or photos of yourself.

Second, be sure to add keywords in your profiles and posts. To discover someone who does what you do, think about the words potential employers or recruiters may use. Be sure to include buzzwords that are particular to your skills and work background so that you can be found in relevant searches and show potential employers what you know or are interested in. Connecting with others who have similar interests might help grow your professional network.

Finally, managing your digital footprint does not need a focus just on protecting your personal information. Once you’re online, be a positive influence. Make it your goal to uplift people and organisations rather than ridicule them. Don’t be a jerk to people while you’re online.

Remember that everything you do online is recorded forever. All of your posts are saved, even if you delete them.

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