Which employment regulations have been broken during the pandemic? 

Estimates for March to May 2021 show a quarterly decline in the unemployment rate, while recruitment and economic activity rates both improved. The quarter saw an increase in total hours worked due to the relaxation for most coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions; These are all according to the Office for National Statistics. Although we have seen a confidence change in the workforce, we can also try to observe other aspects affecting the labour industry.

Which employment regulations have been broken during the pandemic? We are all aware that companies have been forced to make changes and some of these rushed changes could well have been unprofessional.  When companies are forced into taking short cuts, sometimes things that need to be considered are not.  Of course, aside from companies laying off employees, these organisations are also gearing to new employee regulations to retain their team’s talents

As employees return to the physical workplace, laws will almost certainly require employers to restructure work areas to accommodate the necessary social distancing rules. Unlike before, employers could maximise the use of offices to accommodate a diverse team. But now? Businesses in office spaces must take into account how personnel could maintain distance even while taking the lift. Bigger companies are considering forming “teams” of employees to work on alternate days and weeks. This could make things manageable and restrict office occupancy levels.

Moreover, according to the state, employers must allow workers who exhibit COVID-19 signs to stay home without fear of being fired. Business owners must also take initiatives for how they should approach such a case, as well as safety procedures for allowing employees to come back to work after illness. Studies show that we do have a long way still to go —a vaccine that will allow us to resume what was before the pandemic is still many months away. Thus, we can expect that a lot of changes will be made in the workforce to continue services and to adapt to the new normal. 

It could be considered that some data privacy laws have been amended to accommodate the pandemic. In the past we might have needed to ensure that companies have a clear desk policy, that bank account numbers, card numbers and financial data is not written down or could be stolen. With bank staff, online lending staff and other employees in the Financial sector all working from home, how many people could have written down and misused card information whilst they work without supervision?

There are regulations in regards to how many hours people should spend at work. People these days wake up, log in to their systems at 6am and stay logged in until they go to bed at 11pm. Are they working longer hours and are rules being bent?  Or are they just logging in and working sporadically?

It is difficult to be 100% Accurate when reviewing what people are doing these days.

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