Tips To Prevent Webcam Hacking

You have seen movies and heard stories of webcams getting hacked. It happens in real life too. 

Despite your best efforts to protect your computer, your webcam could still be vulnerable. In addition to being useful for online chats, a webcam can also be put to use in business video conferences. Like many other types of technology, it is vulnerable to abuse. Furthermore, hackers can spy on whatever your webcam can see without your knowledge or agreement. But if you want more control over your webcam, you don’t have to shell out big bucks or install hefty security packages to do so.

You also need to remember that your webcam not only sees you, but also picks up sound. So if you want your conversations to remain private, you need to protect your webcam and your microphone. 

In this article, let’s explore some easy tips to prevent webcam hacking.

  1. Literally Cover Your Webcam

We can often find the best answers by going back to basics. Use adhesive to completely block your webcam’s view from prying eyes. Take a long piece of tape and fold it back on itself to avoid leaving any residue on the camera. Also, only attach your external webcam, which plugs into your computer’s USB port, as necessary. This only protects you from the visual, always remember the audio too. 

  1. Turn Off Your Microphone 

Remember that even if a webcam hacker cannot see you, they may still be able to record audio of your conversation. It is more difficult to prevent unlawful audio recording than it is to hide your webcam, therefore you will need to turn off your device’s microphone settings.  If you keep your volume on LOW until you need to use it, this also protects you and can prevent some conversations and arguments from being overheard. 

  1. Know Your Device

You are the only one who fully knows your device. If it begins making noises, restarting unexpectedly, or the camera light begins blinking on and off without being engaged, you must perform the appropriate checks as soon as possible. If you want to be sure your privacy is protected, it’s important to pay closer attention to seemingly suspicious signs.

Remember, most webcams have a tiny led light that illuminates during video calls. Seeing this light on when you are not actively using the webcam may indicate that an unauthorised user has remotely activated the device. 

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