Essential Mobile Office Phone System Features

Could you do your office work on your mobile? We all use our mobile phones every day for games, music, text, calls and work. But could you do the full transition and move your full operations to your mobile phone? 

An office phone system is a network of hardware or software-based phones that provides complicated telecommunication tasks in a corporate setting employing internet protocol and conventional phone lines. It doesn’t matter whether you operate your own enterprise from home or simply telecommute, a professional phone system is an essential aspect of your home office setup. Remote work technologies, strategies and tactics play a vital role in gaining increased workplace flexibility. With the rising availability of Voice over IP (VoIP) services, digital work and telecommuting are becoming more accessible.

When evaluating the offers of multiple entities, you may have questions. How do you prioritise, and how do you know you’ll fully utilise the things you’re paying for? What if you ignore a feature that you’ll end up regretting not having? Here are some features that you may consider prioritising when opting to have a mobile office phone system.

Essential Mobile Office Phone System Features

1. Softphone – When calling a telephone line or other non-virtual phone from your VoIP system, you have two options: a “hard” SIP phone (a real phone that is linked to your data network rather than the phone line) or a softphone (also known as a software phone), a program that make it possible to create calls over the Internet with a computer or through your mobile phone. It will allow you to communicate with any of your customers, colleagues, or suppliers at any moment from any place, anytime, anywhere.

2. Call recordingCall recording is a critical business phone system feature for organisations who make a lot of sales and get a lot of customer feedback over the phone. Instead of taking notes during the talk, you may now only jot down the basics and always go back to listen to anything you missed.

3. Security – Business phone conversations are more than simply idle conversation. You must be certain that the contents of your phone calls are secure, that they are encrypted, and that access to your portion of a phone system is equally secure. 

Do you know that all of these are available on your mobile phone? 

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